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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Day 34, Day 35 #The100dayProject


Day 35

 Peggy is an Extra.
Often missed by the naked eye!
 Here she is starring as herself in Disney's Enchanted during the Hardworking Song.
I do not own the original images.

Day 34

 Peggy wasn't invited to The London Pet Show...
...and feels jealous but smug there that there were no hedgehogs.
Check out what Peggy missed here

(woops! 9-5-15)

Day 35
I've had a day of Blogging :) This is so addictive! 
So today's 'happy' photo (oh that sounds so special!)  is my blog! and a bossy, demanding picture.
Day 34

I went to 'The London Pet Show' at Excel London- cuddled rats, cats and nearly the Super Vet, Noel Fitzpatrick but he escaped my embrace...

Next it was waltzing to a Social Dance where we were (not) on the hard stuff! He we are chinking our 'posh' wine glasses full of much needed water!!

(Woops! 9-5-15)

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