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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The London Pet Show!

This year the 5th annual London Pet Show was held at Excel London on 9th and 10th May. 
The London Pet Show is a chance to find information on keeping animals of all sorts, handle them and buy animal-themed gifts for animal-lovers and toys/ equipment for your pet. 

 The exhibition is split up into different Animal Zones:
Image Credit

 Here are some photos I took of the various animals I met at the show!

Small Furries Zone
 Chinchillas- so cute and docile with such soft fur!
Yes, that is a Skunk! 
Hamlet the Rat
Let take a flash back through the history of rodents I've kept:
Minnie the Mouse, Starla the gerbil (named after Starla and the jewel riders!), 'Snuffles' the ginger guinea pig, 'Rose' and 'Gracie' the Rats and now 'Peggy' the Hedgehog!
I do not own the image of the mouse or gerbil!
Without found photographic evidence- these are the mirror image of Minnie and Starla.

Anyhoo, back to the Pet Show!

I was a little disappointed there were no ferrets, micro-pigs or hedgies!
BUT there was Rabbit-jumping...

#little donkey, little donkey#

The (natural) mark of the cross on the donkey's shoulders and back is traditionally thought to be the symbol of Christ having chosen the humble donkey for his entry into Jerusalem.

Cats Zone
Left Column:
Dear Albert (Red Tabby Norwegian Pedigree Pet)
Cornish Rex
Norwegian Forest Cat

Right Column:
A decorated cage of rosettes and splendour!
(unknown breed- please let me know!)
Maine Coon

Dog Zone
 It was a shame that there was 'every' type of breed of dog but only special breeds of cats. Here are a few of the dogs. I particularly liked the stand with the long haired Lhasa Apso who had brought along their elderly pet...I mean owner!

Left Column:
It's Beethoven! or a St. Bernard.
Japanese Akita Inu

Right Column:
Tibetan Mastiff
Chinese Crested
Lhasa Apso

 There was a Dog arena- I caught the beginning of a dog demonstration led by a serious army of middle aged dog owners- I found this very comical...maybe you had to be there!


Reptile Zone

Not a huge fan of the scaly, creepy, slithery pets but I wouldn't mind giving a Bosc Monitor Lizard a piggy-back!

Left- Right:
Frank, the Bosc Monitor Lizard
Bronte, the 70kg Tortoise and some itty bitty tortoises.
A Tarantula and a python...of some description *shudders*

and last but not least the star of the show:
Noel Fitzpatrick, SuperVet (from Channel 4)

Twas great fun! Lots to see and do with reams of information 
about caring for animals.
Including free talks in each of the animal zones 
and lots of activities for children. 
It was £20 for a adult ticket and £14.50 for children 
(under 5's go free) 
If you've missed the show this year, 
make sure you book tickets for 2016!!  


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