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Monday, 1 June 2015

Day 57 #The100DayProject

Favourite Vloggers
-a few-


Youtube has become a guilty pleasure. 
I watch way too much of it and fan-girl over the vloggers as if I'm 12 years old again. 
But everyone's allowed their guilty pleasures and a list of new video 'subscriptions' featuring most of my frequently watched peeps has just made my evening after a long day back at work 
(after half-term holiday). 

Here is a list of only a few out of the many I watch regularly. 
If you'd like to discover more I'd reccomend I can do another post. 
Let me know in the comments!
Also what's your favourite vloggers?

Glossary for the senior readers among you.
  • Blog: ' a Web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer'- Google. 
  • Blogger:  the author of the Blog.
  • Vlog: 'a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form'- Google
  • Vlogger: the recorder/editor of that video recording. 

I stumbled across Joe Sugg through a People You May Like Facebook advert and clicked on it purely because his name was amusing to me at the time- (must have had a hard day! :s) - he has that dry, sarcasm you know I love *if not, check out my Best British Sitcom List*
He does a lot of prank vids which are actually quite well-thought through and reminds me of my uni days! He also reminds me of old uni housemate who is as hilarious and like Mr. Sugg very good at improvisation!

Through him *sings- with him, and in the unity of the..(stops choral singing abruptly)*
I found out about his sister, now infamous Zoella a beauty and lifestyle blogger/vlogger
Zoe Sugg is that annoyingly petite prettily perfectly popular girl you long to be or be friends with at school. Aside from this slight childish envy I have of her, her videos are great- fresh, fun and useful! Definitely a trend setter. She gives beauty/hair/skincare tutorials that are easy to follow, lifestyle follow me around type videos to nose into her enviable lifestyle as well as anxiety issues we can all relate to. 

Next on my YouTube searchings I was enticed by SprinkleofGlitter 's video 'How to Look Average'
This was the start of my long term obsession, (top favourite) with this woman! I can relate to her- she reminds me of myself- I love her humour, she bursts into song mid-speaking
 - she's very human and real! 
Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, craft and girl problems feature in her videos. 
Not to mention her little girl, Darcy known as 'Baby Glitter'. 
Her blog is updated every week and is really readable! 
This leads me on to my second favourite vlogger Marie of BitsandClips
A wife and mother of 2, juggling life through good humour and a loving family. 
She is so lovable and someone I wish I had in physical human-form in my life. 
But Louise (Sprinkle ofGlitter got there first!) 

And now to my newly found vlogger - Velvet Gh0st (or Gabriella)
A Brighton based singer who follows the familiar trend of YouTube tags, Q&A's and follow me around(s), with beauty, home-ware, fashion hauls. She recently did a cover of Ellie Goulding's Love Me like You do which is pretty good!  (I like the slower arrangement of this song mashup)
I have warmed to her more after finding out she shares my same fear of the solar system! 
AND my fear of butterflys!
I'm not the only weirdo! Wahoo!


 Peggy makes a Hama bead creation!