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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day 58 #The100DayProject


'Habitats' is our class topic this term at the school I work at. Cue over excited Belinda thinking of all the things she (I mean the kids) can make and put her degree (prop making) to good use! 

Today's aim was to create a jungle play area. 
In the infamous ever-changing 'black tray' I created a base using junk, wallpaper and copies amounts of masking tape. The children then stamped, painted, 'rollered' greens, blacks, browns and eventually blue to make a mountain-esque waterfall- which turned out pretty good! Then we made twisty vines out of green sticky-back plastic and stuck leaves and pictures the children coloured-in over it. 

Some vocab and play schedule to be stuck round it and Voila! our own 'portable' jungle. 

Sad really that I'm more excited about it, than the children!



[insert caption here]
Inspiration this evening as escaped me (it was taken up by the jungle make above!) 
So in the comments please make a caption for this cute pic of the Peg-let and may use it!

(She does look like she's made a 'Ka-ching' fist)