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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 60 #The100DayProject

Mini Taste Test


By mini I mean 1 chocolate bar (lol!) but from SOUTH AFRICA! Isn't that exciting boys and girls!?  ... Today our unit had a semi-important Lesson Observation *thank-you for the virtual empathy from all those who work in schools* My teacher (who I assist) gave out these Peppermint Crisp Chocolate Bar in our customary 'we have it challenging at school so must treat ourselves through out the day' excuses. I love foreign packaging, food and get overly enthusiastic about this type of thing.

I have a habit of eating chocolate bars layer by layer- take all the chocolate off so its 'naked' and then each the middle- you get the full chocolatey experience that way!
 Anyone else do this?

So. Here goes: Its a (Nestle) milk chocolate bar of 5 squares. Inside is hard luridly green hard 'candy': or 'thin cylinders of mint-flavoured toffee'- Wiki. This green middle had a mild but pleasant peppermint taste. On first bite the bar in taste (not texture) reminded me of a Fry's Turkish Delight before the peppermint came through. The green candy gets quite chewy (and gets stuck in your teeth) and was like eating rock candy you get from the seaside! Overall it was a very different textured chocolate bar I've come across but I'd reccomend it! 

'It is common for children to bite off both ends of the bar and use the series of mint tubes as a straw to drink milk'- wiki. Gonna have to try this! 


Picture to the left is the finished Jungle play area I constructed with the children :)


Peggy has finally found someone who listens.