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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Day 59 #The100DayProject

The Future of Making?


 Some people save their money. Others buy unnecessary gadgets like 3D Doodlers!

I am in awe and wonder and slight aghast* with the new developing technology based around Craft.
Craft- as in the handmade, primitive, highly skilled making (not witch craft!)- defines a great part of who I am. I went to the V&A, London's Power of Making exhibition seminar a few years ago which literally blew my mind! This was at the birth (or production of) 3D printing and this technology becoming a commodity just like microwaves and technicolour TV: the idea that anyone can even build their own 3D printer at home. So here I am at the first step of owning a kind of (not) 3D printer of my own. Yes, I'm contradicting myself and buying into this form of creation but mainly out of curiosity! Check in soon for a review on this gadget.

*I say aghast as 3D printing could in some ways take over making and handmade Craft could become a thing of the past which would be a travesty as its a primal instinct to us to 'make'.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.
Any tips on using the 3D doodler?



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