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Sunday, 6 November 2016

18 and 8 years old.

Last month I celebrated my 26th birthday. I am officially in my 'late 20s' and definitely qualify for the 25-34 age band. My big sister still thinks I'm 6 years old and my mental age definitely stopped long long ago. This year the day fell on a Tuesday: a day at work surrounded by excited children wishing me and singing Happy Birthday- perhaps the possibility of a chocolate treat for them spurred them on to keep them in my good books.

No huge celebrations this year, I didn't even get a birthday cake *sudden realisation/delayed shocked reaction*...may have to treat myself to a lonely evening in with wine and a chocolate Caterpillar Cake to myself: that's totally allowed when your single in your late 20s (I've decided).

I did however get lots of lovely presents that lend themselves perfectly to a

Homeware Haul
because I'm a boring adult that now apparently gets excited about 2-tier dish drainers...

2-Tier Dish Drainer
Argos~ £14.99

Ok, hear me out! When you don't own a dishwasher, own 2 kittens and a hedgehog, go out most evenings and have about 10 mins in the morning before work to get up and go- crockery piles up and when it's filling up the sink with rank cat food and stray Peggy-poo it's not the most ideal environment to clean in. So this wonder has given me lots more space and its dries a hella lot more efficiently. 

4pm-7pm is the time when I'm most prone to snack (continuously). I don't have enough desire or discipline to cut this out but I hope to choose more natural sugars and foods that will fill me up rather than the processed crap I'm currently reaching for. So I hope to fill up on smoothies, acai bowls, energy bites etc and in the long run I hope it will cut down my caffeine intake and excessive fatigue.

Or failing that I'll dump in a vat of vanilla icecream and tons of mars bars for a Mars Bar milkshake - a delicacy of my uni days! 

Eat Smart by Niomi Smart
Amazon ~ £9.50 

Plant-based diets do not appeal to me but I love Niomi's Youtube channel and her What I eat in a Day videos that demo ideas for cleaner eating. Just making some 'healthier choices' in my diet may help my health and digestion and I'm more likely to stick to it if I don't feel like I'm depriving myself. I will be using this book alongside my new nutri-bullet! 

Amazon ~ £11.49

Yes it is the 'As seen on TV' blanket with sleeves and how ever faddy and silly this looks it is sooo snuggly! It's the first Autumn/Winter in my new place so I need to keep toasty and warm. It has a pouch so therefore can be cleverly advertised with gimicky workplay but aside from this it's super cosy and perfect for cold nights or duvet days. I choose to fill my pouch with kittens, what would you put in yours? 

'B' is for Bear Watercolour

My good friend, Anna painted this beaut! It is copied from a painting from Anthropologie. It's hanging proudly on my wall and its very calming and pleasing to look at. I love how personal it is to me too. 

Scroll Wooden Carved Box

This would fit straight into a nautical themed interior designed room. It's a carved, white artistically worn box (originally from homebase) that was filled with sparkly tealights and bags of sweets. I think I'll use the box as a sewing organiser for threads and needles! 

Zoella 'My Eden' Candle and Reed Diffuser set
Boots ~ £20

This scent is fresh, subtly floral with a green/fresh cut flower smell. My diffuser has lasted 5 weeks which is pretty good for £12. Although I'm unsure how long diffusers usually last. The presentation box is gorgeous and would make a great gift. This set also includes a My Eden candle: the scent during burning matches the diffuser but does melt considerably quicker than other candles. 

Toodle Oo