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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Zesty Cup Monthly Subscription | Tea Review

Tea is an essential staple in life. It's comforting, soothing and a quick-fix solution to life's stresses. I always start my day off with a cup or 2 of caffeine-fuelled 'builder's tea' but when I want to wind down after a hard day's work and access that often forgotten zone of 'Mindfulness' I need an alternative...

Zestycup is a monthly subscription box that includes a selection of 3 different loose-leaf herbal and fruit teas. For £12 a month you're catered for a cup of tea everyday of the month. Price-wise it's a fair price to pay for high quality teas, UK shipping is free, a tea infuser is supplied in each box plus a surprise gift may turn up in your box too. 

To order the boxes visit: 

There are options to receive the box on a monthly basis (you can cancel or suspend the service at anytime) or opt for a 3 monthly subscription. There is an option to send the box as a gift too which is a great idea for a last minute birthday gift. Send them the email confirmation in the card and you won't be lying when you say 'err it's in the post' *sneaky*. 

The difference between this box and others on the tea sub box market is that the blends are 'made specifically with wellness in mind...[with] the finest organic ingredients [that make] 30 caffeine-free cups for the mind, body and soul'. I like this premiss- tapping into mindfulness is so important nowadays with the on-the-go lifestyles we lead and with Zestycup you can know fo' sho' that your filling your bod with healthy revitalising caffeine-free goodness and feeling comforted and relaxed.

In my box: 

20g Spice of Life Herbal Tea
20g Minty Happiness Herbal Tea
20g Light Hearted Fruit Tea

3 colour-coded corresponding information cards for each tea.

A cute heart-shaped stainless steel tea infuser

Each tea is packaged in a resealable brown-paper covered foil bag so it's kept super fresh and is easy to store in the packet. The design is clean with a lovely bold floral design that reflects the product inside! A window at the back of the pouch to see the beautiful teas inside may have been a nice addition but overall I like the simplicity of the packaging. The info cards are also an essential part of the box- for me still a little new to herbal teas it's great to know how to brew them properly as well as understanding the health benefits and the best times of day to drink the teas. The names of the tea are lovely too- they sum up each tea perfectly. Would you care for a cup of 'minty happiness?' :) 

Minty Happiness

I was a little apprehensive with this tea- if you've read my SourcedBox review you will know I am not a fan of mint-flavoured tea. However...*trumpet fanfare* this tea has definitely converted me or is at least a baby step towards accepting mint as a flavour in tea! (in Mojitos- yes, chocolate-definitely) 

The loose-leaf tea is a mix of chamomile, rose petals, spearmint and peppermint. It has that 'pot-pourri' look but smells fresh. The smell actually reminds me of those delicious rose and violet chocolate creams with the crystallised petals on the top...(*mmm*) anyway I digress. 

The flavour is subtle without that 'just-brushed-your-teeth' after taste; it's in no way over-powering. It's tastes like a mildly fresh zingy tasting green tea. It's gentle on the stomach too so could be a nice wake-up tea or a just-before bed tea. 

This has been my favourite out of the box! 


Light Hearted

This tea smells like a fruit squash! Intensely sweet, (blind smell test: strawberry and lime? no strawberry and kiwi-so close!) I'm a fruit-tea virgin so let's see what I make of it!  

Once brewed it has a deep purple shade and smells of warm Ribena - that comforting 'cure' that the nurse at school used to give us. Taste wise it's not strong at all, it's like sweet hot water, not unpleasant but not overly flavoursome. 

The loose-leaf tea is a mix of apple, orange, kiwi, rose hips, hibiscus and strawberry. It's all so natural and real; I've been sitting here eating the apple and strawberry pieces as I've left the tea to cool. 

It's much tastier cooled as suggested on the info card. I also let it infuse further in the fridge and then poured it into some lemonade. The strawberry and kiwi flavours come through- it's so clean and refreshing; it will be great in summer for a lower calorie drink. Would highly recommend a try! 


Spice of Life

Ooo this is goood tea. The loose-leaf has a very pungent smell, highly spiced with cardamom pods, cloves, ginger, cinnamon quills (from the cinnamon hedgehog?) mixed in with black pepper, lemongrass and redbush. It also smells quite smoky. 

I was worried this would be too spicy but was pleasantly surprised. This is a highly warming, autumnal drink. It's tastes like a rich rooibos with a kick of ginger and cinnamon. 

When I added milk it gave it a creamier, chai-like taste but I preferred it without. The tea without milk is a deep orange colour. It's a very comforting drink to sip and a great contrast to the other teas in the box. 

Thank you to the good people at Zestycup who sent me this box, it's been greatly appreciated and I'm sure the teas will help me in my plight to wind-down at the end of the crazy working day! I recommend this brand for their 'mindful' ethos and high quality teas. 

(The ceramic cups in the photos are from Sainsbury's.)