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Saturday, 25 August 2018

DoTERRA Essential Oils

This year I have been exploring ways to go a little more na-tu-ral.
I've looked into limiting the amount of medication I take and finding alternative foods and products that are easy and convenient to fit into my lifestyle without all the nasties that convenience often brings! (she says hiding the pizza box behind her laptop).

So food wise after seeing a nutritionist and becoming her worst nightmare I have gained a bit more knowledge on good foods and what foods to try and steer away from but thats taken a little back seat for the time being.

The new buzzword in Belinda's life is: Essential Oil. (EO)

I have tried some in the past but there is so much out there it's difficult to know what's best, if price points matter, what oils work best for what ailment, what oils blend well together etc.
I recently met with a lovely lady, Nat, who opened my eyes to the world of Essential Oils from DoTERRA. Founded in 2008 and based in Utah, USA the company DoTERRA are one of the top reputable brands of EO on the market. Each oil is thoroughly tested to make sure it is at it's most purest without any synthetic nasties. You can check this using the batch code on the underside of each bottle at SourceToYou.  

To be able to buy Doterra products you pay a year's membership fee of £24 and after weighing up prices, savings and how much I know I'd benefit from these with all my happy fun stomach ache/migraines, insomnia and anxiety I decided to take the plunge and order the Home Essentials Kit. 

This is a kit comprising of the top 10 Essential Oils selected particularly for use on a daily basis. 

Lavender, Lemon, Melaluca (Tea Tree), Peppermint, Franckensence, Oregano, including 4 special Oil Blends: 'Zengest', 'On Guard', 'Deep Blue' and 'Air'.

In the kit is the Petal Diffuser: an easy-to-use tool that gives out a fine mist of your chosen Essential Oils. You also get stickers to label the tops of the bottles and a handy catalogue of all the products available and ways to fit them into your lifestyle.

DoTERRA often have BOGOF days so I also ordered a Marjoram, (particularly to get) Grapefruit oil and for any July sales I got a Copaiba free too! I also ordered a carrier oil ‘Fractionated Coconut Oil’. To keep my oils safe and easy to find I purchased a handy box from Amazon but EO storage/display is also available on the DoTERRA website. 

The price is quite steep but I see it as more of an investment: Health-wise. There is a 90 day money-back guarantee too so if I have no luck with them then theres that to fall back on.  

Tune in here to find out how I've been using each oil throughout the coming year.

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