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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sourced Box Review | December

Sourced Box is a monthly subscription box of healthy natural snacks. The snacks vary but many include superfoods and/or are vegan-friendly, glutan-free, dairy-free etc so are good alternatives (in theory) to calorific yumminess. The snacks are sourced from different companies so there is a great selection of different types of snacks which appealed to me most. Unlike other snack boxes (eg Graze) the products are picked for you which is a shame as it limits the personalisation and taste-tailoring of the box. The monthly fee is £18.95. This is quite expensive in comparison to most sub boxes however when I totted up the price of each individual treat it basically totalled this amount if you add on company profit and p&p. I love that you get voucher codes from some of the products too to buy more. I was excited but a little under-whelmed by my first box (November) but wanted to extend my subscription to give it the benefit of the doubt and December SourcedBox is so much better!


This box is crammed full of christmasified treats! Inside it's really inviting except there doesn't appear to be any savoury snacks- but I'm not too fussed about this having such a big Sweet Tooth. The little sleeve on the package is decorative and cute making the box a little more special! 
(Yes, I'm easily impressed by little touches like this) In my attempt to save it- was going to use it for something crafty- Leon my kitten has mauled it to pieces so he must have appreciated it too! Righto lets go and check out the contents:

Nakd~ Toffee Treat Nibbles

Small squishy balls, these do taste a little like toffee but there is zilch toffee in the ingrediants!?! Their basically made from dates. These would be great to sprinkle onto ice cream. I ate them straight outta the packet and they did not last long- will definitely buy these again. 

Sourced Box~ Christmas Spice Chocolate Bar

SourcedBox's first branded snack and it's a good'un. Zesty with a hint of spice this dark chocolate bar contains raisins that give in a slight nice chewy texture to the chocolate bar. The chocolate is rich and pleasant. It's very much christmas in chocolate form.  

Jake's Boost~ Cocoa Boost Snack Pot

If you like peanut butter the Cacao Boost is a similar type of texture- a bit gritty and thick. It's not overall chocolaty tasting. The air-dried orange 'spoons' have the texture of crisps and are fun to eat.  This is a nice idea, it's just not particularly tasty. I used the Raw Ecstasy Cacao spread from the November box instead of the supplied spread which worked better with the dried orange spoons.

Bluebird Tea Co. ~ Gingerbread Chai Tea

A very well-rounded flavourful rooibos; like a rooibos with a bit more punch! Gingerbready flavours and Chai but not too spicy or bitter. Lovely festive wintery drink served in a silk bag (like Teapig tea). I drank mine without milk so I got the full flavour (plus my milk's gone off) but it'd definitely go with milk if you want a more creamy chai drink. It takes me a while to get used to herbal teas but I'll be buying this again- which must be a good sign.
Edit: In fact using the voucher code supplied in the box I have bought a batch of this tea!

Be Mindful~ Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding

[Still to Try- will update!]

Livia's Kitchen~ Raw Millionaire Bites

A bit dry and clawring (is that the word I mean?) but this has defined layers of different textures pretty similar to the hallowed traditional millionaire shortbread (Oh my the one's at my uni were divine!) It has a oat base in place of shortbread, a squidgy mild salted caramel flavoured date filling which is a good altnerative for caramel but in no way a replacement (!) Topped off with a thin, hard layer of dark chocolate which gives the whole thing a bit of bite! It's also nice to have in 3 bite sized pieces so in theory might last a bit longer than a full bar (mine didn't!). I like the papery package too, gives a nice handmade quality to it. 

Saf Raw~ Christmas Pudding Balls

The packaging makes it easy to store and keeps the snack fresh. I really did try to like these but they have an unpleasant waxy texture. That and the the stodgy almost savoury winter spiced flavour made the snack taste like I was eating my festive spiced candle from Next! Perhaps if I drown it in brandy cream...nope now just a boozy candle. Oh dear. 

The Beginnings~ Gingerbread Cookies

O me O my these are delish! There is however a bit of coconut flakiness in the texture but I'll look past this seeing as the snack is full of flavour and have a perfect balance of sweet and spice.

The Protein Ball Co. ~ Goji and Coconut Balls

These are good- not too sweet, not too bitty, a great 'I-want-to-eat-something-but-I'm not actually-hungry' snack. The flavours are very subtle but it's still pretty tasty. There's only 6 in a pack but maybe that's a good thing as these are quite moorish! There a great mid-morning snack to keep you going and are vegan and also dairy, gluten and soy free!! 

Chi~ Chocolate Coconut Milk

A pleasant taste but nothing too special. It has quite a watery consistency and taste. Not particularly very coconutty (which is a good thing) it's just sort of slightly chocolatey. It's vegan, vegetarian, kosher, glutan and dairy free so I guess gives you that milky chocolate fix if your any of those. The packaging doesn't really go well with the contents in says 'daring tropical drink' ain't.

Well, having neglected my emails...looks like I'm signed up for January's Box (sorry bank account) but hey I've really enjoyed this box and have high hopes for the next one! 

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