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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Sourced Box Review | November

Sourced Box is a monthly subscription box of healthy snacks. The snacks are sourced from different  companies so there is a great selection of different types of snacks which appeals to me. The snacks vary but many include superfoods and/or are vegan-friendly, glutan-free, dairy-free etc so are good alternatives IN THEORY to calorific yumminess. The monthly fee is £18.95. This is expensive in comparison to most sub boxes however when I totted up the price of each individual treat it basically totalled this amount if you add on company profit and p&p.  Unlike other snack boxes (eg Graze) the products are picked for you which limits the personalisation of this box which is a shame especially if you have food allergies.
Find out more about it HERE


For my first box I was a little under-whelmed. You get a good selection of products and range of sweet and savoury snacks as well as a drink but I found most treats were not very appetising. It's personal taste of course and I have extended my subscription to the December box to give it the benefit of the doubt!

The Good'uns 

Brontie & Co. ~Superfood Hot Chocolate

 I had to get used to this one, but overall it is like a warm hug in a mug. Very autumnal/christmassy with it's hints of Winter Spice. There's not a strong chocolate taste and the more chocolate I put in from the sachet it just tasted powdery. Despite this I would drink it again, it would go well with one of those German christmas biscuits 'Lebkuchen'- although I doubt those are vegan-friendly. I wonder if it tastes better with almond milk?

Spare Fruit~ Apple Crisps

These soft freeze-dried apple slices are really tasty-a nice tangy apple taste. The company, 'Spare Fruit' use surplus fruit from farms which is a great idea- preventing waste food. The only ingrediants listed are '100% Kentish Apples' so an all round wholesome and natural snack I'd reach for again- might be more fun for children to snack on too if they don't like crunchy raw textures.  

Raw Ecstasy
Raw Chocolate and Activated Almond Spread 

With the consistency and texture of almond butter but the taste of rich chocolate! This is goood and tastes delish on apple slices. 

RawBite ~ Apple and Cinnamon Bar

This is a wholesome bar packed full of flavour with a nutty texture. I'll be buying these again. 

Lovechock~Raw Chocolate Bar in Almond/Fig

This was yummy! A rich chocolate stuffed with crunchy fruit and nut with an after taste of fig biscuits.

The err... hmm... no.

Raw Health 
Spirulina and Orange Energy Ball

These were a little odd mainly because they were chocolaty but tasted of Jelly Tots. 

Munchy Seeds ~ Sesame/Omega Sprinkles

I love Munchy Seed's Honey Seeds so was eager to pour these down my throat except unbeknownst to me, this pack is as savoury as you can get and my god-not good especially when your expecting something sweet on your palette! Might be better mixed in to cous-cous or a salad. 

Ape Snacks~ Slightly Peppered Coconut Curls

These looked like pencil sharpenings! I liked the idea of these...but I'm not a big fan of coconut flakes. The savoury taste of pepper was pretty good but let's just say they won't be a replacement for crisps...

Stoats ~ Multigrain Porridge

I don't like porridge so I can't really review this fairly but I did give it a try. The multigrains and seeds gave it a bit of bite which improved the porridge texture. It had a plain nutty flavour that was palatable with a swirl of honey. I would probably purchase this again if I had the urge to eat porridge but alas I don't think I will ever fit it into my diet!

Halo Coco~ Coconut Milk & Vanilla Drink

Still in my fridge! Will update it here when I take the coconuty vanilla plunge.


In the process of reviewing the December box
- is it any good? Find out soon! 

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